Posted 13th Nov 2022 (Posted 23 h, 15 m ago)
Hi. I just got my son a Redmi 10c for his birthday and it's stuck in boot loop. Tried factory reset and no joy. Keeps going back to recovery mode

Reddit suggests it's also problem on Note 11 which shares the snapdragon 680 CPU.
Someone flagged a Poco F3 but that might be a different issue..

Some have fixed it by using ADB to remove a qualcomm software.. but it's a race against time before it reboots and some people resorting to using hair dryers!

Hopefully I'll get a refund from Currys but what do I buy instead? Cannot trust Xiaomi if they're messing up updates like this. Not sure if due to new version of their OS and android 12. I have a mi 10t lite... but not installed recent updates... always good to see if they work first!

Is oppo any good? :/

Here's the solution from reddit
good luck!
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    whats a boot loop? refuses to go to the main screen?
    Hi this is what happens to me

    Gets to recovery mode. Boots up. Then goes back to recovery mode
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    Spook - my P30 Pro has started to boot loop and I was looking at the price of this as a replacement!
    oh dear

    copying in @MrSwitch to see if he knows anything about what's going on.

    I imagine he's in regular contact with the CEO of Xiaomi on his wechat app
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    I’ve had two Redmi’s and they have both developed similar faults just after the warranty ended. I’d never buy any Xiaomi phone again.
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    My partner has the bootloop issue with her Redmi Note 10 5G; it seems to be the power button sticking. What has worked so far is spamming the power button with your finger and then hard rebooting it.
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    I'd recommend getting an iPhone.
    Anonymous User
    Ideal for getting less functionality at greater cost.
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    I used to have this when updating Redmi Note 6 Pro and Note 7 but found that if you leave it plugged into a suitable charger, whilst stuck on the MIUI logo and leave it for 15-30mins, it would fix itself and not happen again. Hope this helps someone (edited)
    Even if my battery is pretty full, I make a point only installing firmware updates when battery is 100% charged
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    Off to Currys now. Do you think I should get a refund or replacement? Need to check Reddit again to see how big a problem this is ..
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    They gave me a refund. I showed them Reddit feeds and they said a new one would just have same problem so best to get refund... Hopefully can get a better model black Friday and keep my son' sweet with an old one til then. Annoying as spent extra £13 or so on case and screen protector!
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    I'd have tried to reflash with miflash.