this person GAMESRUS is a conartist, basically someone who ripped me off - doesnt co operate at all, and has stolen my ipod, the game she was giving me, and the so called ten pounds refund from royal mail as well. has anyone else been ripped off by this person because she refuses to reply and made out I am the criminal when in fact she is


hmm is this continuin from the thread where they had proof money was paid into a acct with yer details and u hadnt chased it up at all with yer bank??

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i had chased it up they told me there was no such thing i had a serious meeting with my bank manager he said I had been ripped off - the proof i showed to him - where my account number should have been, the had written in IPOD - it dont EVER say that, it only ever says the account number

surely ipod woulda been a reference i often have items show up on my statement with a reference

In the end u shoulda waited till the money was in yer acct before u sent and guidelines shoulda been followed

another thread bout it aint really gonna help things its between ya'll

don't trade with anyone on this website IMO you'd be crazy to


don't trade with anyone on this website IMO you'd be crazy to

*Ahem* :whistling:

inb4 talk of selling thru pms.


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