WARNING: Cotton Traders website hacked, credit card details stolen

    Be aware if you have ordered from their website.…stm

    The credit card details of up to 38,000 customers of clothing firm Cotton Traders were stolen following a hack of its website, BBC News has learned.


    Interesting. The wife had a phone call from MBNA just over a month ago regarding some suspicious transactions on her card (99p testers). I now wonder if she used that card on CT as it wasn't a card she ever used on a daily basis.....

    Thank you, I just placed an order last week and will be contacting my bank tomorrow.
    Many thanks again.
    Rep added.

    apparently the hack happened back in January yet its only reported now when the bbc discovered it in June. presumably any new accounts since January are safe but they found their way in once so who knows. any pre January account could have been hacked so best to check all this years statements. repp'ed for keeping us informed.
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