***WARNING - Do Not Enter This Thread***

Found 2nd Jun 2007
I told you not to, but did you listen? Alright, let's try this again: DO NOT , I repeat DO NOT ENTER kongregate.com/gam…nse this website.

You clicked on it didn't you, after all the warnings I gave?! :whistling:

Oh well, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. So what's your highest score?

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I wouldn't know. You told me not to click on it.

Fun little game, im glad i bought my 22" monitor as it means i can surf the web while keeping an eye on it. Currently playing it.

Ooopppps sorry, didn't mean to distrub you :whistling: :oops:

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I wouldn't know. You told me not to click on it.

Then I applaud, for you have far greater self discipline than I.

1377 on medium (cr*p I know!)
popped it in a group called hukd just incase anyone else wanted to be added to the group

Wish I hadnt clicked though - took me an hour or so:giggle:

HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! consider yourself warned again :giggle:

Think il wait til this afternoon, got to start revision now!

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Right, another one in case you lot get bored of the flash game: ]freeciv. It's a free version of Civilisation 2 and is IMO (and those of many others) one of the best games of all time. A turn-based war strategy game, extremely addictive and is a great multi-player.

It's old, but should play on just about anything unlike the more recent Civ 4.



Love this game.

My God this is addictive!
Who needs a next gen console?

OMG how did you do that?

argh I can get to level 50 but I'm way below you!
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