Found 14th Oct 2009
Please be careful, these guys are complete con-artists, and I wanted to warn you guys. Please see my e-mail to them below, and their reply:

I'm trying to buy Focus Night & Day (Air Optix Night & Day Aqua)

Trying, and failing :-)

As you will see, your checkout is producing the wrong final price...

I have attached a screenshot to show you the exact problem, where I am buying two boxes (@ £34.75) per eye. This _should_ total £139.00 however your site is listing it at £148.00

Furthermore, if I buy just one box, at £36.95, the shopping cart comes up as the total of £39.35 - which is obviously incorrect.

Can you please let me know when you've fixed this, so that I may be able to purchase via yourselves.

And the reply I got?

The variation in the costing youre seeing is due mostly to the fluctuations in the economy coupled with our efforts to provide you with contact lenses at the lowest possible cost. We pass through the costs to you as close to break-even as we can. Due to a recent increase in our handling costs we have been forced to implement a temporary handling surcharge. We are working hard to find ways to eliminate this cost, and in the meantime, we are absorbing as much of the increased cost as possible. Currently, a handling fee of 6.5% of the product value will automatically be included in your order total and itemized on your invoice. Despite this increase, our efforts provide you with consistently lower prices than the competition.

Do you not think it would be wise to mention that somewhere? Misleading buyers is not a sensible business strategy, even in the recession!

I recommended they stop hiding these secret price increases but they ignored me.

Dodgy companies like this should be shut down.

P.S They are a sister company of LENS.COM - which are not currently doing this but charge massively to deliver to the UK.

Cheapest contacts I found from a TRUSTED company were contactforlenses.com - 8% quidco also.

Just adding some words so this is picked up by Google and people can be warned
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Actually, after digging deeper it seems so many people have problems with these guys, including unexpected customs charges which hike the price up quite a bit.

Avoid them!
Bump reminder
Bump reminder
actually purchased a few things from them without problems..
sorry !

actually purchased a few things from them without problems..sorry !

Try adding your product to the cart... then look at the total vs the sub totals for each product.

They add 6.5% or something secretly...

Just a warning...
bump for the year
Bump for the year
Reflexreact are you a woman?
No, i'm just doing my bit. Google search these cowboys and you'll find loads of people scammed by their ways. You'll also find this thread comes up near top of the google search, which means it's doing it's job.
Scammed by them also -did not get lenses would not refund my money! Thieves!
i am totally disgusted with this company. Sending goods from USA without warning me that this is the case, making my order subject to high custom fee (60 Euros) on 260 euros order. Never use them, warn all the friends.
They are con-artists... sorry you got caught.

All we can do is keep bumping this thread so others are warned.
terrible site!! i have used these types of sites to order my lenses on for a few years now and have never had any problems. For some reason I decided to use this site this time, i ordered my lenses 3 weeks ago and still no sign. they promised delivery to ireland within 7-15 working days. The email response I received from them was that i should expect my lenses within 6 weeks!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH! and NOT what was advertised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would love to go to the irish trading standards! NEVER AGAIN!!
OH and for some reason they cannot track my order! they advertise having ''no delivery charges'' for ireland - NOW i know why!
5 weeks waiting for delivery to ireland. No help from their email support . i suspect i will never recieve my delivery. Site says 7 - 14 days. NOT true.
I wish everyone thought to get reviews on the net before using these guys.
Under no circumstances use euroLens

euroLens has websites in 17 European countries.

What their websites do not make clear is that the lenses will be shipped from the U.S.A. Leaving them subject to Import Duty, Taxes and Customs clearance charges.

Also the charge credit card accounts with a sum higher than their website and order acknowledgement states.
Similar problem. did not think I was ordering from the US. Emailed them to complain when I didn't get my lenses after 2 weeks was told to wait longer. 16 days today and still nothing. Have asked for my money back. Have a feeling from these posts I won't be getting much joy here. Will be trying to get my credit card to refund me now. Websites like this should be shut down
I was charged € 115.43 IMPORT DUTY although I ordered on European Website . It included a chage on a 'free' lens case ( value £1) which they put down as valued at USD 218.10 and on this free case therefore I was charged 23% VAT or € 50.13 .
I have over 10 emails . On 03 Feb they said they would refund part it. NOTHING ND NO REPLIES TO MORE THAN 10 EMAILS .
We have to collectively get the word out that this company is not operating using best practices. They actually have a warehouse in the UK but they deliberately ship from the USA. Then, if you use the US site, they ship from the EU or UK. Let's take to our social network accounts and get them to stop this practice. It isn't unlawful, but it is not reasonable and unless we do something about it big scale, they will continue to practice in this shameful way.
2 posts in 2 years, there's obviously not a large number of people googling the company and problems with them
I suspect for every post there are 100 people searching the name, seeing this thread at the top of the results and then avoiding.
I've ordered lenses from eurolens.com (live in France), total purchase 182 euros, and got with the delivery a bill of 55 euros from the Douane!!! In this way the lenses are not cheap anymore!
their t+c says USA based
they dont really make it clear though like they should
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