Warning!! Dogs and Conkers

Found 30th Oct 2010
Just wanted to make people aware as I know lots of people are not aware of this.

Our dog was taken very ill last week vomiting, diarrhea and generally very ill, we took him to the vets and they took him into the hospital where he became very ill, we even thought we may lose him.

Most of the tests came back ok, so it was a bit of a mystery. Gradually he became better and was allowed home after 5 days and he is still improving.

After doing a bit of research we have found out that conkers are very toxic to dogs and our dog loves to chew them, so we believe this is why he was so ill.

Just wanted to warn others as this has been really awful for us and of course our dog and our pocket!!
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never knew this-both our dogs crunch them all the time-the roads round here are littered with them-never had any ill effects at all.
Horse chestnuts are poisonous to dogs. It causes a reduction in red blood cells/
From what I can tell it doesn't effect all dogs and they have to eat a few. I read about a dog that was diagnosed with epilepsy for two years and then they found out that it was conkers that was causing the fits and they had a large conker tree in the garden.
Good heads up.

I'm glad that your own dog is recovered; what a fright for you.

It was awful, he's only 5 a chocolate lab and a fantastic dog.
When my dog jumps on me it always seems to land on my 'conkers'.............unnerving accuracy.
I have a golden lab and a horse chestnut tree in my garden .The garden is full of conkers thanks to the family of squirrels and i never knew they were poisonous to dogs. Thanks op will keep an eye on him all the time from now on.

Apparently chewing them probably won't harm most dogs but it's if they actually swallow them, our other dog just plays with them and shes been fine.
Thanks for posting, very good thing to know.

We had a big panic last week as one of our dogs made the towel blue when we dried her after coming in from the rain.
Couldn't understand it, put her in the bath and the more we showered her the bluer the water became oO

Especially round her bottom. oO

Oooh, the dogs eaten something terrible and it's coming out of her bum? Arrrgh!

Cleaned the dog bed and found the other dog (who will eat anything!) had pinched a small tub of blue dye and pierced it. Blue bum dog had sat on it, but nothing showing cos she has a black tail, although she is a fawn coloured staffy. Dog looked her usual colour until we rubbed her with the towel-then blue came off her bum and tail. haha

Very glad to hear your dog is ok now It's awful when they're poorly

Bless, arn't dogs great fun X)
I love having dogs, can't imagine life without them. The only downside is when they become ill,

I don't really handle that too well, only other doggy people really understand the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know something really is wrong with your dog.
In the past our dogs have stolen toblerone bars and blue bum dog also became poorly from licking shake+vac from a carpet in a flat my daughter was renting

Shake+vac may be worth a mention here- it's really bad for dogs!

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