Warning: e2save Incompetant!

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Found 15th Dec 2006
I am very very peeved withe2save!

I bought a E900 from e2save mid November they finally delivered Nov 30.

Advised e2save of PAC code and waited for my Vodafone to go dead and new O2 phone and SIM to activate.

My number went inactive on the Vodafone Network at approx. 9.30am on Friday 8th December 2006. I tried calling e2save on Friday afternoon to check when my number would go live on O2 but could not get through to CS after about 5 attempts.

On Monday I finally got through to someone after approx. 40 minutes and was advised that e2save had tried to Port a mobile number, which I advised was incorrect. My line was still inactive due to the wrong number trying to be ported, the CS rep advised the situation would be remedied within 24 hours.

I phoned again on Tuesday and after 4 attempts and probably 90 minutes wait time I finally spoke to a rude CS Rep. I was advised that there was a problem with the Porting Module and my number would be ported with 24-48 hours. Again she advised me which number she was going to Port and I had to correct her and say she was going to Port the wrong number. I asked to speak to a Manager but was advised that it was not a manager escalation call and she would deal with it.

On Thursday, after 3 attempts and selecting customer services from the menu options I was waiting for 68 minutes without being put through to a CS rep. Meanwhile I called The Carphone Warehouse(Parent Company of e2Save), spoke to several people before I was finally put through to an O2 CS rep at CPW.

T he wonderful lady at CPW was very helpful, was able to interogate the e2save system, saw where e2save had screwed up twice! She told me the truth and advised that my number would be ported on the 21st December!!! Almost 2 weeks after it should have ported.

The nice Lady at CPW advised that she would speak to the Porting team on my behalf and try and resove the situation. She phoned several times on Friday giving me updates and was eventually able to sort fix the problems caused by e2save stupidity - I might get my number back on Saturday.

Be warned, you need to wait a long time to get through to CS at e2save and when you do they havn't got a clue!

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