Warning - Failed Parcel Delivery e-mail Scam

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Found 8th Dec 2008
I have had 3 e-mails this morning saying they are from parcel delivery company UPS.

All say they have tried to deliver a (different) parcel but failed, and they say I should open the attachment to the email and return it to them.

The attachment is a ZIP file, but almost certainly contains a virus.

If you get an e-mail like this just delete it.

I have had these before, but never 3 in one day. These people are obviously taking advantage of number of us ordering presents over the internet.



can you get a virus from opening a zip/rar file?

sounds similar to the failed delivery notes through your letter box...phone a number and get charged nearly £15 per min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the tip, they are obviously trying to take advantage of the fact that many people will be waiting on parcels they have ordered, rep added

Put that alongside the twenty fake Bank emails I get a day asking me to sign into my account.

Also if you own a Rapidshare account (large file uploading/downloading service) the number of fake phishing links trying to steal your account has increased 1000% lately.


I'm NOT deleting mines, I'm expecting a delivery of $300,000,000,000 from some top shot nigerian company director who promised he would send it via UPS if I sent him all my details :w00t:
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