Warning if you have a Cubot phone

Found 2nd Jan 2015
Got an email from Amazon a week or so ago saying that the charger for the phone was potentially dangerous. Can't find the charger but have been using other micro usb chargers anyway. Phone was on charge yesterday and had a really bad electrical burning smell coming from it so have unplugged and am returning it. Have noticed that Amazon have removed pretty much every Cubot phone listing, maybe because of the charger but either way I'd be very wary of these phones.
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Complain and receive a £10 credit to your account too buy a replacement but as you say we all have other facilities available. I did that after receiving the same e-mail before Christmas. Nice cheap 2nd phone
Yeah I'm not too worried about a replacement charger, more the fact that the actual phone started to smell like it would catch fire even without their charger. Just thought I'd warm people in case there's something wrong with these.

No brilly, I don't use your style.

Thanks for cheering me up guys.
Your argument is hilarious

I wouldn't personally touch any of these phones.

Remember people you always get what you pay for!


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