Warning - Iphone 10.0.2 update- Failed and now got to restore

    Not sure if this will just be me ( probably) but my update 10.0.2 I think it was, the most recent has just crashed my phone, and now the only thing left for me to do is restore it back to factory settings losing everything!!!

    So, before updating - Make sure you back up to iTunes!!!

    Now I am trying to restore it and its saying it can't be restored! Off to the apple store tomorrow then!! Bloody phones!

    Anyone else?


    Boot into DFU mode and restore as per normal via iTunes. No need for an Apple Store visit.

    Shame you didn't backup your data though. Sure haven't got an iCloud backup?

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    I already booted into the DFU mode and tried the iTunes restore but that failed twice - although the fresh iTunes restore appears to be working this time!

    Only got my keys bits on the cloud due to space, so just a few photos ill be missing! Just teaches me that I need to back up more often!

    Running on my 6s without any issues

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    probably just me then, never had any problems before, but just seems to have not worked properly for some reason!

    I'll say one thing about Apple, you can at least go into a store and if in warranty /care, you'll leave with a phone that works.
    Was v impressed when some of the family phones were so quickly and easily resolved.

    Thanks for the heads up. I never update my devices until at least a week after it becomes available. Always back them up before doing so too and a Google search to see what kind of problems people have been having.



    I'd see a Dr about that.

    This happened with iOS 10.0 if you updated/ started the download OTA within the first hour (I had to restore mine)
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