Warning - Mobile phone outlet free insurance CHECK

    Not sure which area to post this in so mods, please feel free to move.

    I purchased a Sony Ericcson K750i on 12 months free line rental on 12 month contract with 3 months free insurance.

    Phone is great, only it had a fight with a "shaker maker" and the shaker maker won - plaster of paris everywhere covering mobile phone.

    it still works but has plaster of paris dust inside the screen, so i thought i'd try the free insurance. Contacted Mobile outlet. they gave me a number to call to make a claim - 08703334832

    Called. My phone number was not on record nor were my bank details. Back to mobile phone outlet. They said they'd send paperwork to them again but would not be able to claim until Thursday next week.

    I'm posting this as a warning/alert. if you've ordered similar through mobile phone outlet. give the above number a call to ensure that the insurance is "up and running"


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    Phone insurance.... mmmmmh, not for me Also, even if you opt out while purchasing, you will still receive a letter from some 'shoddy Insurance plc' thanking you for taking the insurance :P
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