Warning Money Expert cold-calling in Nottingham area

Posted 31st Oct 2017
No it's not Money Saving Expert it's an energy company cold-calling


Their ID is quickly flashed and most people, including me, would automatically think it's the reputable company MSE but with the cold caller not being able to identify the main founder of MSE I came back in and started some quick research and found the this link.


Yes maybe Money Expert have some good energy prices for some but they are using the recent "government papers" as their sales pitch to inform you of "problems with energy prices"

But for me, especially with majority elderly neighbours, the fact they are cold calling with a company name that is similar with a reputable company I feel the need to post this warning to others

Again I'm not discrediting Money Expert - they may offer some discounts to some but it's the way it's being sold bothers me.

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Happened a lot over the years, recently yahoo removed adverts for scam companies advertising using his name, always going to be a target sadly.
If you live in a eldery neighbour hood then be wise to spead the word. Make posters like missing cat and stick them on BT posts
It's not an elderly neighbourhood per se - it's just that the majority have been on here a very long time

But I do agree with letting as many people, especially elderly, know about the risks from cold-calling

To make posters for this instance would be a waste - Money Expert "employees" had disappeared when I walked around - I wanted to seek more information and challenge them about their moral responsibility towards the elderly/infirm and task them about the very similarities between their "employer" and MSE

I do know my next door neighbour fobbed them off and my other neighbour was out for the day so for me my duty is done by posting it here... as I've pushed this sites benefit to a few around here also.
This sounds like something energy save from Derby would do. the con man run company.. Trading standards are on to them but they just change the company name each time.
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