Warning on Air Miles rules changes - take care not to lose all the ones you've collected

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Found 18th Feb 2009
You might want to take a look at this if you're an Air Miles collector - some pretty dramatic changes to the T&C. And thanks to MSE too for drawing attention to it. Not good news for a lot of people, and pretty shabby, some might say. A couple of extracts below, but you need to look at the website.

airmiles.co.uk/con…tro (clickable link immediately below)

Do Airmiles last forever?

They can do. But its more fun to use them.

To keep your Airmiles account open, just keep collecting miles that means having one Airmile (or more) added to your account every 24 months.

Are there any fees?

Theres no admin fee if youve collected miles in the last 12 months (remember to leave 35 days for the miles to reach your Airmiles account before booking). You can check your transactions in My account.

But, if you havent added any miles to your account in the 12 months before booking, theres a £30 admin fee when you use miles towards a booking.

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Hey thanks for the heads up! I need to check into this.

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One little tip might be helpful if you want to keep your account alive without too much hassle.

If you go into the 'Collect Miles' tab, you'll see that you can add a few miles by buying stuff from various companies such as Play, eBay and John Lewis - there are quite a few to choose from. You'll miss out on Quidco etc of course, but one transaction a year will be enough, in theory.

Probably exactly what Air Miles are trying to encourage you to do, but at least it's an option.

Bad PR, in my view - and I think there'll be quite a backlash from unhappy customers.


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