Warning on screenshots of Caffé Nero loyalty app vouchers

Posted 14th Apr 2022
Hi all,

I think Caffé Nero have clamped down on screenshots of fully stamped cards/free drink vouchers via their loyalty (Yoyo wallet) app which makes these valueless for trading. From two experiences (last month and this month):

1. Traded a code with another reputable HUKD member for a free coffee voucher screenshot (expiry in Sep 22) but when I tried to scan the cashier said the voucher had "expired" so it wouldn't go through
2. Had a legitimate fully stamped voucher from my personal phone that I screenshot and sent to my work phone, when I tried to scan the screenshot same issue of cashier telling me it had "expired" and wouldn't go through. Later in the week I brought my personal phone and scanned via the app and it went through fine

For extra info, different branches and both lovely baristas who seemed to have no issue when I said I had a voucher/stamped loyalty card to pay with and they were just as confused as I was.

Just a heads up for anyone trading via screenshots to take care it might not work! Would like to hear if anyone else has experienced similar recently.
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