Warning people on Ebay?

I was browsing through ebay for an iPod last night and I couldn't believe that there were so many dodgy looking auctions which people were bidding on. For example, there was one User ID who had been trading a few items of clothing in Germany (all the feedback and their ID was in German), then there were about 5 new auctions for iPod Video players where the Location is now China and the Auctions have warnings that they only take Western Union money transfer or bank transfer, not PayPal.

The people bidding on them had little or no feedback so I guess they were pretty new to ebay and were probably less adept at spotting these things, would you send them a message to warn them that it is was probably a dodgy auction? Can you report an item to ebay if you suspect it is a con?


As far as reporting them to ebay, I think you would need a little more evidence before making accusations. As you say, the auctions may not sound very valid, but the site does give good instruction on how to trade safely. Will you continue to keep an eye on it?

Gerikelly, eBay spectifically tell sellers and buyers thet Western Union shouldn't be used because it's unsafe. Surely sellers should adhere to this?

You're right - I missed that.
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