WARNING! Play.com's offer of 3yr warranty on Bravia TV's is out of date but still advertised!!!

Found 30th Dec 2009
Just ordered the sony bravia KDL32v4000 from play.com after spending too long umming and arring over John lewis' deal and missing out.

I used the RAC voucher to get 5% off making it £332.50 with a free 3yr warranty and 0.5% quidco on top of that.

Once I placed the order however I clicked on the banner that was now showing on the tv's page and was given a pdf to download, on reading it the offer of a 3yr warranty was only valid from 24th november to 24th december (is this the same for argos?).

I spent ages thinking about buying the tv from play last night, decided to sleep on it and this morning the 3yr warranty was now advertised in the title as well as the notes below it.

I phoned play's customer service who told me that it was their mistake and they thought they had removed all the banners and that I could either keep my order or cancel it as under their terms and conditions they are exempt from mistakes they can't honour saying it was sony's offer not theirs in the first place.

Very annoyed.

I had to cancel as the reason I bought it from them was for the 3yr warranty.

Where do I stand? if I place an order through again quickly while it's still advertised and wait for it to be delivered and my card charged can I force them to honour it or report them to trading standards as they are falsely advertising and with something that can be a deciding factor of where to purchase for many people.



tbh it is SONY's offer and not there's...doubt TS will do anything as its a mistake..end of the day with warranty's etc, its the consumers responsibility to check...if they dont then its their own fault...Play gave you an option to cancel or keep...they have covered their end

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I feel sorry for anyone who has been duped by it though, someone has written in a reveiw they ordered xmas day and received yesterday.

"I never thought I could buy this Sony Bravia Television package for under £400. The package included the Television a quality Glass Television Stand and a Free 3 Year Warranty. I'm in the process of installing the Television which appears to be easy. Ordered on Christmas Day it arrived early today the 29 December"

I wonder if they'd still be happy if they knew the offer is out of date.


maybe..but its their own fault tbh...I do see what your saying though but seems a genuine mistake tbh...how long has the 3yr warranty been going? if its been ages probs just totally forgot to remove it by a certain date...

Maybe speak to Sony....they may still honor it...could even be an out of date .pdf

You have to be very careful with Play because it's not a UK company. It's a Jersey company, and the UK consumer protection laws don't apply. You really do need a decent warranty if you buy from Play, because their returns policy is absolutely awful:

"Our returns policy is valid for 28 days from receipt of an item."

Basically, if your very expensive piece of kit fails 5 weeks after you've received it, you're on your own!

A UK retailer wouldn't be able to get away with this because of the Sale of Goods legislation which protects consumers. Jersey doesn't - yet - have one in place.

Buy from Play at your own risk!
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