Posted 30th Aug 2020
Some of you may know/understand how the Widevine certification works, some don't. Yet, I am constantly seeing 1000 phone deals being posted with a lack of any important information (this is a whole other issue) daily with our HUKD members posting stuff like "great screen for Netflix" etc.

Sorry mate, you will be enjoying no more than 480p standard definition on that glorious FHD+ 650 nit Amoled display, thus rendering it redundant for such content.

I feel I should warn people of this as the deals that are being posted are not stating this very important information. Widevine is a form of DRM (digital rights management).

Here is more information:…35/

I believe that Netflix need to certify devices also, but there are ways around that. With phones that have Widevine L3, regardless of whether or not you get a Netflix apk installed or not, you will get no more than SD content.

Just a heads up to those like myself who enjoy great looking content
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