Hi all,

    Just thought I'd issue a warning that are being dissolved tomorrow. Their website is not operational & they appear to be winding down.

    From Companies House:

    Name & Registered Office:
    SP10 3LJ
    Company No. 06835255

    Status: Dissolved 12/10/2010

    I've also found that they have still been trading as "Big Imagination" - but their website also seems to be down today......

    I've had a pram delivered (misses due for an induction tonight), but it is faulty & I cannot contact SoBaby for a replacement !

    I've contacted my credit card company who say I must contact the liquidators & ask them for a replacement. If they refuse, I must get it in writing so I can get a refund on my purchase.

    Does anyone know how to find out who the liquidator is ?

    I've also contacted Consumer Direct to see if they know, but I want to get this sorted out ASAP as I may be bringing a baby home tomorrow morning !!




    Good luck with the impending birth hope everything goes smoothly. If the pram is a big brand name what about contacting the manufacturer?
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    Original Poster

    Hi Gari,

    I have also done that, but again, got no response as of yet ?? (BabyStyle).

    If I get the name of the liquidator I can sort it out with the bank

    There is a thread a Mumsnet about appears there have been problems for a while....…age

    The link to babystyle is below…tml

    Given that sobaby are likely to ignore you - the short term solution would be to probably contact babystyle....

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    Thanks Gari.

    Yes I read that when I was seeing if any other people have had any issues with them......

    Cant trace the liquidator though as of yet !

    do you know what bank they are with? do you have a bill from them that might help out with that? perhaps phoning the bank that they are with will help, i am sure they will know who is dealing with it.

    Chris - I'd force the cc company to chase the matter up, that's what they're there for IMO.

    Good luck with the birth!

    I hope all went well with the induction. I brought my Quinny from twoleftfeet who went under and when Quinny released stap extenders and a larger seat unit for free as the ones sold with the buggy was to small the manufacturer sent them free to me with proof of purcase. Good luck i hope they sort it out for you soon.

    Hi Chris,

    Did you ever find any info on the liquidators?

    We were still trying to chase up a delivery from last year, wife paid using her credit card (Barclaycard) so we are going to look into claiming the money back.

    Hope all went well and you are enjoying the little one.


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    Hi Jamie,

    Responded to your pm mate.

    I didn't find the liquidators & the cc company were not much use without it

    I could chase it up again though as there may be somemore info on it now.

    I'll post up if I find anything.


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    Hi Jamie,

    Contacted Consumer Direct again today, so will let you know of the outcome !!

    Original Poster

    I found out last week that there is no liquidator on record & that SoBaby were dissolved through non compliance.

    Letter now gone off to the Credit Card Company with the information - will update as soon as I know whats going on.


    Thinks for that info Chris. Will do likewise - good luck

    Original Poster

    Sent it recorded, not heard anything yet. Will keep you updated though

    Appreciate it mate

    DAMN IT, I just bought a 6 week old baby from them last week asnd it still hasnt arrived

    It probably got lost in the POSTnatAL system
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