Warning to 3 Customer's - text message claiming to be from 3

    Nowt that worrying, but if you get a text "3" saying text "live" to 81456 or your service will be suspended, just delete it and forget about it.

    I've just got one, rang 3 and they confirmed it is NOT from them, and not to reply else i would be charged for doing so. They have had this issue for a few days now, have had numerous complaints from customer's and are looking into it.........


    Yep i had a message like that from O2 this week as well.Beware chaps.

    I got the same "3" one, deleted it immediately and actually got a second one too with slightly different wording

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    As soon as I see a message from "3" I delete it, all they normally are about is me buying flipping games for my phone, for goodness sake, who wants to play games on a mobile handset when they have a PSP and a DS in their bag most days, really, lol.
    Thanks for the warning though, could potentially save several people from getting billed lots of cash, if it is one of those subscription things they could continually take money from you all the time!!!

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