Warning to Smart TV owners after ITV brings in changes to its online streaming Hub

Posted 30th Aug 2022
people who own older Smart TVs are being warned about changes being made to the ITV Hub online streaming platform, which mean the tellies may lose their compatibility with the service.

the ITV Hub player is about to be replaced by ITV X.
TVX will be entirely free to watch via an ad-supported plan, but a paid-for package which bundles in BritBox will also be available that removes ads as well. If you use Samsung TVs, Freeview or Freesat devices then here's a full list of products that will soon be incompatible:

Avtex - 2013+

• CVTE - 2016 - 2018

• Hisense - 2016

• Humax 4000t

• Humax 5000t

• Panasonic TV 2015 C range models

• Panasonic TV 2016 D range models

• Panasonic TV 2018 F HD range models

• Sharp UMC 2017

• Sharp UMC 2018

• TCL 6586 (2018) 6 Series

• Freesat G2 2012-2018 Humax

• Samsung All TVs prior to 2015
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  1. a666andy's avatar
    NowTV have given me a code for a free firestick lite from amazon, arrives tomorrow

    I can't imagine a free TV service doing the same though
  2. Buckyball's avatar
    So no ITV player for us with a 2014 Samsung anymore. Do I care? No!
    angie555's avatar
    But it's going to affect the Humax 😞
  3. DaveG46's avatar
    Wasn't TVX a 90's satellite channel :/
  4. Drekly's avatar
    If it stops working on my TV I'm not going to pay for anything to plug in to make it work on my TV.
    Won't loose any sleep over it the itv hub has got to be one of the worse apps I've ever used . (edited)
    Humss's avatar
    100% agree.
  5. dorey69's avatar
    I have roku box and it’s on there. My tv only has Netflix and prime on it. Roku boxes have lots of streaming sites to download on your box.
  6. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    I watch very few programs on itv in general. The one thing I wish they would change is the disgusting colour scheme they've got on their catchup, it gives me eye strain. About the only thing that could be worse is yellow on white. I don't know who signed off on that. They must be colour blind.
  7. AndyRoyd's avatar
    So primarily applicable to aged Samdung & Panachronic models.
    Good motivation to offload & upgrade to less dung or chronic options.
  8. a666andy's avatar
    Same is happening with nowTV and my old ish Samsung
  9. T2G's avatar
    One could download the ITVHub app onto the mobile and then cast to the TV.
    EN1GMA's avatar
    One could if one could be bothered.
's avatar
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