WARNING/REMINDER:Giff Gaff Free Internet Finishes Tomorrow(4thApril) - new daily tariff (1MB= 20 pence) approx minimum £6 a month

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Found 3rd Apr 2011
A Reminder to Everyone that GiffGaff PAYG free internet finishes tomorrow 04/04/2011. From now on there will be daily minimum of £0.20 per 1MB. YOU COULD FIND ALL OF YOU PAYG CREDIT USED UP IF YOU DON'T REALISE. Either purchase a goody bag, which last a month, and has free internet or pay 20 pence per MB. Cheapest is goody bag including free internet after 04th April is £10 - this last a month.

The blurb from Giff Gaff Site:
For £10 a month get:
250 UK minutes
Unlimited UK texts
Unlimited Mobile Internet
Free calls and texts to giffgaffers

Free Mobile Internet:
You lucky giffgaff pioneers can even enjoy free UK mobile Internet up to the 04 APR 2011. After that date, mobile Internet will be charged at 20p a day (if you use less than 1MB/day you'll pay less than 20p and if you go over 20MB you'll be charged extra at 20p/MB). But all our goodybags that include unlimited Internet will continue including unlimited Internet after the 04 APR 2011.

Free numbers:
We also believe that a free number should be just that, so all 0800 and similar numbers really are free.
Blurb Finished


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Just a reminder to people, so they don't get all their credit used up on data, by not realising giffgaff no longer has free internet after 04/04/11. If it was helpful, just click thanks!
Edited by: "tightar5e" 3rd Apr 2011

1mb = 1p up to 20mb, then its 20p a mb

Thats the way i understand it anyway ?
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