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    I bought this:……016

    One of the speakers has stopped working so i sent them an e-mail saying id like to get it replaced/repaired and they said that they only offer a 90 day warranty on their stuff. I thought it had to be One year in the UK?


    Think its a 90 day shop warranty & 12 month manufacturer warranty ?


    Some advise people...[SIZE=2]I bought this: … Some advise people...[SIZE=2]I bought this: ][/SIZE][SIZE=2]One of the speakers has stopped working so i sent them an e-mail saying id like to get it replaced/repaired and they said that they only offer a 90 day warranty on their stuff. I thought it had to be One year in the UK?[/SIZE]

    Well... the law doesn't state warranty periods, as described on ]Trading Standards website. The 12 months guarantee is a commonplace but not requirement. However, the law also stating that if fault happened within 6 months, then it is up to retailer to prove it wasn't faulty at the time of purchase. Go figure...
    I'd give a call to your local Trading Standards and ask them about their view on this.
    But, if manufacturer is stating 12 months warranty, then you should tell to shop to stick their 90-days policy to their excremental outlet, as your contract is with them and not with the manufacturer. If they insist that you must talk to manufacturer, they are breaking the law and could be prosecuted for it. I had similar battle with Staples, when my Philips CD recorder failed - they claimed that it is outside of their 30 days warranty policy and I have to talk to Philips. Philips then refused to talk to me directly and told me to bring it to Staples. To cut long story short, I got TS involved and when I spoke to Staples store manager, I mentioned TS involvment. The CD was replaced immediately and they even gave me some 'goodwill vouchers' to shut me up


    The sale of goods act kicks into place and I make no apology for once again cutting and pasting the excellent article from Alan Wilson who wrote this for the Guardian.
    First did you pay via credit card? If yes try ringing them and explaining the problem.
    Secondly is there any documentation with the chair that says warranty period?
    Thirdly their website is vague when it comes to time limits. There is no mention of 90 days here.
    Faulty Items
    In the unlikely event that you receive an item which proves to be faulty we are happy to help. However, we do ask that you notify us of any problem within a reasonable period of time.

    Remember you dont have to prove that the goods were faulty when they left the retailer. Its up to them to prove otherwise.

    Manufacturer's guarantees do not replace your basic shopping rights outlined in the Sale of Goods Act, which allow you to claim against the retailer if you buy faulty goods. In fact, the manufacturer is legally obliged to draw your attention to the legal rights under the act.
    Consumers are generally better off pursuing Sale of Goods Act rights against the retailer, as these are stronger than those contained in a manufacturer's guarantee and last for up to six years from the date of purchase. The goods you buy must be reasonably durable and of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose.

    Big-ticket electrical appliances such as iPods, washing machines and dishwashers should be expected to last for several years. You should be able to claim compensation from the retailer if they break down within that period as long as they have been used normally. Your rights do not come to an end after 12 months simply because the manufacturer's guarantee has expired.

    Refunds, remedies and replacement
    If you discover a fault in the first few months you are entitled to reject the goods and demand a refund from the retailer. After that period, you can ask for a range of remedies including repair, replacement and a refund of part of the price. In the first six months, you do not have to prove the goods were faulty when they were supplied, as this will be presumed by law.

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