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    Can anyone advise what the manufacturers liability is when it comes to replacing a faulty fridge-freezer?

    I have an American style one from Samsung which has developed a fault, and the Samsung service person said it needs replacing... The problem is, it is quite large, and needed to have the doors taken off in order to get it in the house in the first place (which we paid the delivery people to do).

    Do Samsung have the obligation to install the replacement appliance (ie take the doors off the new one and install) and also to take the faulty one away (ie take the doors off the faulty one and remove), or can they turn round and say here's a cheque for £750 now go and buy another one and sort out the removal of the old one yourself.

    On their website it says their warranty is limited to the cost and/or replacement - I guess it depends on what 'replacement' covers, is that just the cost to buy a new one, or the cost and install etc...

    Is there a standard legal obligation ouside of any specific company warranty that means they need to come and install the replacement and remove the faulty one?


    1 year parts and labour......You could threaton the shop with small claims action though and you would win because half of the companies can't be bothered to go..Good luck

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    It's a 2 year Samsung guarantee, nothing to do with the place I bought it from anymore I don't think.

    Doesn't matter...I work for Indesit and a customer had a 5 year old fridge freezer...He wrote to the shop and then took them to court and guess what...we lost and the customer got a full refund...

    I think the retailer would still have some liability.
    Have a look here:

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    Samsung have gotten back to us... they say they will remove the faulty one and fit the new one, which is great. .... but they said it will take upto 4 weeks before they will do it!!

    WTF is up with that!

    Luckily for us, the frige/freezer still works, it's just got a fault that can't be repaired (something to do with the icemaker I think)
    Here's hoping it lasts another 4 weeks eh.
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