I was checking on ebay for brand new iphones and none of them had any warranty. Do you have to pay extra for it or something? Please answer. I will rep whoever gives me the best answer. Thanks


    Can you give an item number?

    All goods purchased from retailers in the UK are subject to the Sale Of Goods Act. If they have bought them and are selling them on, they should still be covered. "Warranty" is a vague and misused term.

    So the people selling them sound like they are selling them "Sold as seen", and want nothing to do with you if it proves faulty.

    Possibly to do with the contract on them being 18 months therefore anyone selling would be doing so within their contract period and it needs to be activated when you add a sim unless its unlocked, unlocking invalidates warranty.

    Only other option is a proper payg one but even then I think you get specific sims for Iphone.

    I dont know this, its just a guess, hope it helps.
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