Warranty Void Toshiba Laptop due to non Toshiba ASP doing repair

Found 21st Apr 2010
Heres one for all you consumer experts.

Recently i had a screen crack on a Toshiba Laptop. Obviously this is not covered under warrenty so i received an official Toshiba LCD and replaced it myself. Another fault then occured on the laptop (Not relevant to a screen replacement faulty HDD). Toshiba though are now refusing to honour the rest of the warrenty due to the fact that the screen was not replaced by an authorised Toshiba service provider. (There are about 6 in the UK and shipping,labour and parts would have probably made the repair uneconomical). Can they do this as i see it akin to a car manufacturer voiding the warrenty if the service is not performed by an approved dealer. Any ideas on how to proceed can they refuse the warrenty repair.
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I imagine so if you self-repaired a non-user serviceable part.
But the analogy you used is true isn't it? if you use none approved parts / fitters your car warranty is void.
I did use aprroved parts though (Came through a Toshiba resller)and have been an engineer for over 10 years. I am HP and Dell,Sun accredited and can prove myself or independently if required the repair i did would not not have caused the further failure.
what makes the HDD .. ? can you not apply for a replacement through the HDD warrenty .. ?

i bought a 2.5 Sata HDD from ebay about a year ago for my PS3 .. even tried to sell it on here at one point .. the warrenty on HDD was 2011 .. then a few weeks ago i tried to backup some files to it and it was making a terrible clickin noise .. so i filled in an online form from WD website and they said to send it back .. i was surprised though cos when i got a parcel back from them it contained a brand new external 2.5 HDD .. so the one i bought from ebay must have originally been an external that someone had taken out of the casing ...
The warranty is provided at Toshiba's discretion, which means they can attach any terms and conditions they deem appropriate to it.

How did Toshiba figure out that you opened the laptop yourself?

If you had dropped it off for repair at a Toshiba authorised workshop, such as Micro Anvika, they would have likely carried out the drive replacement without asking any questions.

can you not apply for a replacement through the HDD warrenty .. ?

Hard drives that ship as part of a computer system usually have no warranty with their original manufacturers at all, but only with the computer's manufacturer.
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