Warranty you buy an item a while ago - how does it work? Kitchen appliance

Found 3rd Mar
Hi guys,
If you buy an item 2 years ago that comes with a 2 year warranty (but never registered), but never open the item nor register the warranty.

I presume the warranty applies from the date you buy it?

For info its a kitchen appliance.

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I'd imagine it ask you for date of purchase when you register.
Every item I purchase which has a long warranty I keep the receipts and booklets which highlight this in a folder!

Usually most companies want receipt, if not registered.
I'm intrigued as to why you didn't mention what appliance it is? I'm very nosey lol
ps I'm not certain but I would guess you'd need your reciept if not registered
IME, it's invariably from the purchase date, irrespective of when you actually get round to registering it..
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Maybe less likely to matter anyway in near future - the company will probably have sunk by the time the warranty is needed!
Think it depends on the appliance had 2 recently 3 year and 5 had to sign it on to there site to get the extra after year 1
Warranty applies from date of purchase, although you could argue, it should be from date of delivery. Warranty still stay valid if you never got round to register for warranty as long as you have original receipt or proof of purchase
A warranty is completely based on the terms and conditions given. Your consumer rights are different.

If the warranty says you have to register it, then that is what you need to do.
The warranty starts from the date of purchase.
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