Warrenty on cancelled o2 refresh phone

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Found 22nd Oct 2016
I bought the Samsung galaxy s6 in the January sale using o2 refresh after seeing the deal advertised on here. As suggested I cancelled the airtime contract and unlocked the phone. I currently use an EE sim only deal. The phone has now developed a fault in that it doesn't charge using the charging slot on the bottom of the phone, I have to charge it wirelessly. My question is do I need to take it back to o2 (even though I am no longer on o2, or do I need to contact Samsung directly? Also if I return the phone, will it come back unlocked, or will it be locked to o2 again?




I may be wrong but I would have thought you'll have to go through o2 as the vendors of the phone.

i have dealt with the manufacturers and the providers in the past they all seemed to send them off to the same place for repair

You can send it to o2 or Samsung

O2 will send it to Samsung so could be faster to go there directly. But retailer is normally the first port of call for anything failing in the first 12 months.

If you go to O2 you have to prove you didn't cause the fault,so i'd just go to Samsung directly.

I believe it's 12 months manufacturer's warranty, so go Samsung first (online)

they'll advise

just take it to a decent samsung approved repair shop they should sort it out for free under warranty saves u sending it via post they be around most places

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Cheers guys, have emailed Samsung and they say they will arrange for a courier to pick it up as there is no Samsung service centre near me. A quick question, is it possible to backup the phone in its present state so that I can restore all apps etc. exactly as is? Please bear in mind that it is not possible to connect to my laptop via USB as the phone micro usb socket is broken.

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I have taken the phone to my nearest Samsung shop, I didn't realize there was one in Norwich, which is where I work. They are going to take 28 days which I thought a bit excessive but at least it's getting done. Thanks for your help.
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