Was anyone informed that for the last year BT, SKY Talk etc, now classes 7pm as the start of the free evening calls?

    I always was under the impression it was 6pm, and I gues I have spent alot of money on calls when I thought they were free without realising!

    Or is that just me??


    I was aware it had changed-cant remember whether they actually told me(they probably did),or if I read it somewhere

    Asked for it to be moved to misc for you.

    I rang BT to query our bill as it was higher than usual and they told me then - that was a couple of months ago ... think it chanegd in March or April and they say they mentioned it when they wrote to all their customers, but I didn't notice at the time so don't think it was very obvious!

    If you call them and complain about your bill, and then say you didn't know it had changed, they will refund the extra call costs btw

    They sent out flyers earlier in the year, there was a big hoo ha about it at the time. They are trying to get people onto unlimited packages.

    My supplier is still 6.00 pm til 6.00 am.

    ( IDNet )

    I was gonna say i posted about it and someone linked to it ^^lol

    The info was in a letter,well sneakily it was,it said something like our terms have been updated and there was a leaflet enclosed,i always make sure i read things like that,but i don't get my calls from BT anyway,but the info was in the booklet.

    They sent me a letter and a email. sky that is.

    I use 18185, even evenings because if you go over the hour you get stitched up with BT, I prefer to spend 5p and feel relaxed.

    It was all over the news a while back
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    Got a letter from BT about it. You'd of had to actually read the letter ie. Wasn't stated in main text, halfway down page.
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