Was I the only one disapointed with the 5 Days Drama?

    Upto Thursdays episode it had a good story, with the possibility of being really good and the tonight's last episode was so lame, with no real ending, that I feel I've been cheated out of 5 hours of my life!!!

    It feels like there should have been a Thursday night and a half episode. Tonight started and I thought I'd missed an episode.


    agreed-waste of time-the first series was far better.

    this just got worse with each episode rather than build up the drama and tension


    i thought it pretty good up till tonights episode, a bit of a flop

    Always find these dramas a bit of a let down, they all start well but the endings lack substance, a couple that spring to mind are Red riding and The take, both had potential but both failed to deliver. Red riding was the better but once you sat and thought about the story it didn't add up . I tend to switch of any dramas that are greater that on episode, so that I can limit the chances of getting to the end and feeling that my life gas been rob of hours

    I really enjoyed it....till tonight which was a let down, rubbish ending!

    can someone let me know what happened in the last episode ? Thanks

    I only lasted one day, what a yawn.

    Nice to see our licence fee isn't being wasted, NOT.


    Where's the phone number for trading standards? lol
    I gave up 20 mins into episode 1.
    It was as slow as a tax rebate!
    Anyone who watched it all needs to get a

    Original Poster

    It was like they knew some known actors that everyone would recognise from programs years ago, give them one or two lines and then in the next scene forget about them!! Take for instance the copper who got killed off - WHY?? The woman that used to place in Casualty (the coppers ex wife), she gave nothing to the story. The chavy kids dad?? What was the need for the black muslim guy?

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