Was the £5.00 Zavvi voucher a scam?

    Got the email, code doesn't work.

    Ive heard a lot of people say that theirs does not work to....

    A scam to get visitor's?

    I bet just a few only work.


    mine worked ok

    I think there were problems with some of them. You need to phone them and they'll re-issue you with a new one.

    my code worked but after waiting 11 days for them to actually send anything I sent off a rather bitter msg then cancelled my order. complete waste of time and I'll never take a chance with them again.

    mine worked and got my order 3 days later

    mine didnt work

    mine worked but only got the dispatched email last night so are taking their time to send things out :whistling:

    mine worked great i got a dvd for 4.98 so i didnt even pay anything and i used another code which i got from somone on here an again it worked great no complaints here :thumbsup:

    Mine worked fine, got a £4.99 CD for free:)

    mine worked

    got my code, worked ok and got the dvd 3 days later


    my code didnt work, sent email and got a new one sent back to me 2 days later, this worked and ordered, item was despatched after 5 days, that was 2 days ago so we will see

    mine didnt work.

    Mine didn't work, but as above, sent email to Customer Services. Received an email a day later saying that there had been a problem with some of the codes, and then received a follow-up email a few days later with my new code, which worked with no problems.

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