Was the new Jonathan Creek any good?

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Found 3rd Jan 2009
Was browsing iPlayer and saw the new The Grinning Man episode shown over the holidays, was it any good like it used to be? As it's almost 2hrs I thought I'd ask before watching.


I thought the older episodes were better but this was still watchable, just maybe a bit too long.

Yehh its definatly watchable but like above it does last a little too long

far too long but good ending, stupid porn reference....wtf

Really enjoyed it, agreed with others that it could have easily been made into a 90 minute episode instead though, have never liked the annoying yank sub stories.

Hoping for a new series now.

Ahh I loved the old series of Jonathan Creek. I enjoyed this episode but thought although the main explanation was good the other part of the ending was a bit odd (trying to say what I mean without spoiling it!!) Hope they make a new series after this, I love Alan Davies as Jonathan Creek!!

I thought it was a bit more gory than usual! I had to cover my eyes a couple of times - then I am very sensitive.

Was well worth the watch - but DH annoyingly solved the problem before the end - Grrr.

Too similar to Satan's Chimney imho. Fell asleep watching it.......
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