Was this a good deal? - GTX 1080 PC Purchase @ 944.98 - HP OMEN 870-118NA

Found 4th Aug 2017
I have previously built my own PC (4690K, GTX 960) but had to sell for financial reasons; a year later I was planning to build another but I spotted this and jumped on it, I known most of the parts will be bare minimum and I will mostly likely need a new PSU but I still think it's a good deal! - Opinions are very welcome!

FYI the 'damaged box' was purely a cosmetic, a small rip that did not affect the machine.
Note: I also purchased extended warranty for £32 to extend from 1 year to 3 years.

Official spec sheet:

Ebay listing that lists a couple things wrong e.g. PSU is 500w not 300w.

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