Was this a good phone deal?

Was contacted by 3 as I was going to PAC out offering me my current tariff which is £35 for £15 a month forever and a new Sony Ericcson 7 meg camera phone.

I think its a good deal but means a new 18 month contract which means a bit of worry.


Well 15 quid a month isn't bad (you haven't put what mins/text you have, but I guess if it must be enough for you or you wouldn't think it was a good deal?).

There are very few offers on 12 month deals at the moment, don't forget they have to cover the cost of the phone from the rental, they're not really free you know ??

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I get 750 minutes any time any network minutes and unlimited texts, he mentioned about £5 internet free I think.

If your happy with 3 and its a phone you want then its sound a good deal to me. . .

Was in a similar situation as yourself...but I remembered how they made me feel when I needed something to be sorted out. So now, I now pay £10 a month extra with Vodafone, I'm glad I moved.

If the same thing had happened a couple of years earlier, the additional £10 a month would've meant I'd have to stay with 3G, and hope nothing went wrong.

To me they are just about money...
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