was this near to you?

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    Should have shot him

    Police took it easy on him, if this was in the US things would have turned out differently
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    Should have shot him

    Why when they had a wheelie bin

    lol @ the police man

    how pathetic are our police. jesus!


    how pathetic are our police. jesus!

    Yeah Co's you being Superman would have disarmed him within seconds without maybe losing a limb in the process or having your femoral artery severed or some other fatal injury.

    If only the cops had the same powers here as in the US, all that wasted time when they could have just shot him - its no more than he would have deserved!

    Most annoying camera man ever lol

    Area is messed, that's where the 'night stalker' was from, the one that raped old people... South London ehhhh....

    stupid copper using a bin as protection/a weapon

    the coppers in this country are a bunch of pussies


    Should have just tasered him. Also why does every single person who films … Should have just tasered him. Also why does every single person who films stuff like this have crappest camera's known to man.

    Wait until it happens in Japan. We saw the tsunami in HD

    Def should have shot him. Would anyone have cared?

    addjon, you should keep your jini's under control

    Here they are dealing with a problematic stabbee
    It is an offence to stab someone and also to get stabbed by someone. Truncheon in the back of the thighs and knees to the back" Were here to help"


    Should have drove a meat waggon up his lardy ass

    Why didn't they shoot him? Like in the legs?

    Are recycle bins stronger than your standard black bin?

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    addjon, you should keep your jini's under control

    for goodness sake,its jini,not PSP?

    should have them guns with rubber pullets, or paintball guns or something lol two second job shoot him and get it over with.

    leng to the jaw side.

    british police have the most deadliest weapon on the planet, imported from middle east.


    getting ready for a riot


    you do realise that this would not have happened if there was no camera about.

    not sure why they didnt tazer him. would have been over in 5 mins AND would not have required half of scotland yard to bring him down.

    Typical Met, needs a whole borough to arrest one person.
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