Washable entrance mats (non slip)

Hi all

Looking for brown washable entrance mats (the kind with a rubber back).

Ideally 90cm x 180cm (but 90cm x 150) will do.

Many thanks for any advice about where to get from.


Where have you looked? these are everywhere, my local asda, tesco & morrisons all sell them for a few ££ depending what style you want.

In Wilkinsons I bought 1 JML and one Wilkinsons own make and I think they are about the same quality.!!

I got mine from my local Tescos. OK quality and dont slip. Think they were aroung the £3-£4 mark

Original Poster

Actually aint looked in the super trooper markets.

Will visit tomorrow.

Ta chaps.

Original Poster

Been to Asda, Homebase and B&Q.

All only have the standard doormat sizes not the bigger ones I'm after - time to start looking online.
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