washed and tumble dried ipod!

    Whilst doing the ironing today I found my sons ipod in the pocket of his trousers, it had been through a 40 degree wash 1600 spin and 60 mins in the tumble drier..... and guess what? He plugged in his charger and it works perfectly!


    good for you.....

    Lucky! lol

    If it was still damp inside, it would of ******ed it though.

    Yeah I did exactly the same...just needed a reset, I guess the tumble drying stops the moisture getting to it?! Have to say I was surprised it worked!


    Next time try a 60 degree wash and report back ;-p


    Next time try a 60 degree wash and report back ;-p

    surely 30 degrees, cmon save the planet

    does it smell nice? what conditioner did u use???



    surely 30 degrees, cmon save the planet

    woooops, sorry :-)

    I (accidentally) did the same with my ipod earphones.
    They worked after too!
    It's surprisiing what makes it through the wash cycle......

    A nice clean Ipod :-D


    i put one of my ex's cats in the tumble dryer.......

    ....just to take a picture you sick people!

    moral of the story is, put electricals in the washing machine, tumble dry them to fix it
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