Washer Dryer?

Posted 22nd Jan
Anybody knows of a washer dryer on sale? Have been looking for one for quite a while now.
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If you have the space i would recommend getting them separate. I work in white goods and they are nothing but headache.
Avoid them if you can. They're terribly inefficient and unreliable.
If it has to be a washer/dryer combo I'd say this is one item where it's better to spend the extra and get one of the top brands: ao.com/pro…spx

I have this one. The washer is brilliant. Loads of wash options, including a 15 minute quick wash. It's fairly quiet, although not as quiet as it claims. The dryer is usable. It's never going to be as good as a proper dryer. It's good for stuff like towels, socks, underwear, trousers, and gets them cupboard dry. I still hang bedding (to avoid wrinkles) and shirts (to avoid shrinkage/wrinkles). It did have that 'hot smell' at first when you would remove dried items. I use dryer sheets and it's gone away, but apparently you're not supposed to. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and you can buy a 3-year extension on the Bosch website for £89.

I've been through two cheaper models (Indesit) and they both died within 2-3 years. The dryer on both was so useless (and smelly - even after cleaning), I might as well have just bought a washer.
I have a Candy washer/dryer only because it was a direct insurance replacement after my other one died. That said I had the Hoover (or Hotpoint?) one 10 years! Dryer is not v good - takes ages
Thank you all!
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