Washer Dryer Vs Standalone Washing MachinePlease Advise.

    I am in a dilemma, i need to to buy one asap, but am torn between both. i have one restraint , I only have space for one appliance, if the worst space scenerio, i ll take apart one kitchen cabinet to create space for a dryer.
    I need advice from people with either. I ll want to buy one that can last, not one that will give up after 2-3 years. looking for a washer dryer with at least 7-8kg wash and 5-6kg dryer
    willing to spend btw £400-500.
    If evetually am going for either what brand are to avoid. (not sure I can afford the likes of Miele etc) Also ve been reading reviews online but am still torn apart.
    please help.
    Thanks in advance.


    go for separate - definately - imho

    well woth taking out a cupboard for separate:thumbsup:

    bosch washing machine - 99.9% guaranteed - had mine 7 yrs

    dryer - got to say - white knight - big - cheap lasts for at least 5 yrs - think i had my last one for 8yrs

    good luck:thumbsup:

    washer driers are poo poo! definatly get seperate

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all 3 contibutors, seems its a 100% in favour of seperate. reps

    I've got a zanuzzi (sp) washer dryer and it takes ages to dry clothes, but has been reliable and owned it for 4 years. If I was to buy again I would buy seperate.

    deffo buy 2 seprates

    my wife had 2 seprates and decide to change to a washer/dryer 2 years ago.i told her dont (but you women THINK you know best.

    september this year cost me an arm and a leg cause she said washer/dryer was taking to long."you carnt dry and wash at the same time" she said . but if you have 2 seprates "you can wash and dry at the same time" well that 1s not nasa is it !!!

    but at least i got to say "TOLD YOU SO" lol

    Original Poster

    reps, thanks for the advise.

    Definite separate.
    will last longer as well as all the other replies above.
    plus, you can dry a load whilst washing a load.

    the way i see it, twice technology to go wrong in single space.
    constantly heating up and cooling down (heater and water) cant be good for the bearings/circuit boards etc etc.
    they only made combined for those that only had space for one so if you can have two separate then go for it. your wallet will thank you in the long run.

    I had a washer dryer and it was not practical with 4 kids. When I was thinking of getting a seperate tumble dryer my washing machine repair man said to get a White Knight as they are basic and have very few parts to go wrong. I have had my tumble dryer 10 years now and it went wrong last year and my hubby easily fixed it. I have 4 kids (teenage to 24 now) and it has done a lot of drying so if it ever goes fatally wrong I will get the same make again without a doubt.
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