Washer Machine/Dryer

    Hi everyone

    our washing machine packed up this morning.

    Anyone know of ant good deals, or any currys/comet etc discount codes which work on washer dryers.

    looking to spend up to £400 on washer dryer



    i got this one last weekend…431
    its on offer if you buy it online before the 21st march

    The problem with a washer/dryer as you have discovered is that if one goes you lose both. There are other issues such as you can only use one at a time and you have to dry the drum etc before it even starts on the washing.

    If you are a costco member try this. This week they are selling a very nice Whirlpool washer (AWO/D 4505) for 159.99 ex vat (after the 40 quid voucher discount, these vouchers are available at the door and the tills)

    Then they sell really good whirlpool condensor dryers as well and all in all it won't cost you what a washer dryer will.

    Of course if space is an issue then stick with what you know best.

    Original Poster

    Thanks esims84, my wife has an aversion to Hotpoint as we have had lots of probs in the past, but thanks again.

    Thanks Dave would like to go that route but space is a problem, cheers

    if you live in the west midlands area go and have a look in comet clearance, on the comet website the have a few other models on offer

    Shame your wife has an aversion as the Hotpoint factory where i am in Peterborough opens it's shop at weekends and you can buy them for about £140. (And that IS the one's in the shops for about £300-£400)

    Original Poster

    live in essex, i wonder if comet have any clearance warehouses near me

    i dont know that one maybe the only one
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