Washer/Dryers - Are they worth it & any good deals?

    Our washing machine (Indesit of 11 yrs) has packed up - it won't spin. So now we are urgently looking for a replacement (2nd baby due in 3 weeks - talk about bad timing!!).
    I have always wanted a dryer, but never had the space for one. Therefore, we are thinking of getting a washer dryer. Are they worth it or are we better off just making do without a dryer? I have read bad things about washer dryers so would hate to waste money on one.
    If anyone has any suggestions/advice or knows of any good deals, I would really appreciate it.
    Many thanks.


    I wouldn't be without mine, had it 5 years now & no problems at all (touch wood) mine is a Zanussi so I guess I would recommend them

    Hope this can help you make up your mind. And yes they are worth it, Got one Hotpoint in January 7KG wash and 5KG dry. WASH and DRY 5kg…136

    Just bear in mind you cant dry the same amount which you will have just washed, so you'll have to empty some out. and you cant be doing more washing while its drying.
    hope that makes sense.

    i had one and didn't use it because when i washed i wanted to do more than one load-but some people swear by them. I suppose it depends how easy it is for you to dry your clothes now? Also, not 100% sure-but heard they are dear to run-and are not as good as seperate ones-hope you understand my ramblings !

    Good luck with the new baby !

    I have a Hotpoint Aquarius WD420, 1200 Spin, which has 5+5kg wash & dry so you can fill it up and have it dry your cloths in one go (without taking anything out b4 the dry cycle).
    The energy rating is 'A' so as cheap to run as seprates. I dont use the dry cycle that often as I try to use the radiators and cloths line when i can (to try and be a bit energy efficient), but i do use it when i am in a rush and and i would not be without it.
    I have had mine for 2 years and have never had a problem with it, I always wash at 30 degree's and it washes fantastically.
    The dryer takes longer to dry things then a real dryer but thats due to the way they work and its not that much worse.

    Hope that helps.

    used to have a candy washer dryer. cheaper make but was the best washer dryer ever. have had other makes like zannussi and hotpoint , but the candy was the best!

    i didnt find them very good as the posts above suggest you cant use both at the same time so no good if you have kids which = loads of washing!

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for all the replies. I only really want the dryer to use in winter/lousy weather - we have a huge clothes horse which takes up too much space and with baby no 2 due to shortly, we need all the space we can get.
    On further research, I see that in Dec 08 the AEG L16850 came out best with a score of 75% - taken from Which report. I am going to subscribe on their 1 month trial and see how other recent models performed. I think that if I get a decent model, it may be worth getting a washer/dryer (if only I could afford a Miele)!!
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