Washing Machine advice needed!

    My washing machine is giving me grief, the other day I was walking through the house and there was a bit of a burning smell which I tracked to the W/M. The cycle seemed to be going ok and there was no smoke or obvious heat so left it running as it had nearly finished. A few minutes later I checked back and all the lights were flashing and it had stopped mid cycle. It allowed me to drain the water out and open the door.

    Now, when I go to start a new cycle it fills with water as normal but when it start to do its first spin / rotate it does about half a turn, freaks out and all the lights flash. It does then allow the drain cycle to release the water and open the door.

    Any idea's what the problem is/could be? The father in law seems to think its the water pump but as its draining / filling fine so I'm not convinced. The W/M is only about 14 months old (although it is a budget machine). It may also be worth mentioning that I have a dog and regularly have clothes / dog beds in the wash that are covered in her hair.

    Any advice would be gratefully received before I give to the old iron men!



    sounds like the motor has burned its windings / brushes out should be about £100 to fix

    My washer did this 10 years ago. I got told some of the fixings on the drum had come loose and that water was leaking out as a consequence! My washing machine was doing a spin and filled the room with balck smoke and was wobbling it's way towards me - very scary! Managed to switch off at the mains with a broom handle!


    sounds like the motor has burned its windings / brushes out should be … sounds like the motor has burned its windings / brushes out should be about £100 to fix

    I agree with Raptorcigs, Hopefully its just the brushes worn out, these are replaceable on the motor. If it is the windings then a new or 2nd hand motor is required. It sounds like the motor is trying to turn the drum but ends up drawing way too much current. The burning smell could well be the windings.

    Hope this helps:thumbsup:

    We had a similar thing and it turned out to be the motor. When replaced, it worked fine. It could also be the processor card. The best thing is to find your local washing machine spares shop and call them with the description. In most cases they will help you and sell you the correct part so you can fix it.

    engeneers dont usualy change brushes anymore the like to replace the motor as its more money out of your pocket

    Yes sound like the carbon brushes mine went yesterday replaced them cost £10.
    If you cant find any local (as they try to sell you a recon motor) try here.


    Just slide the old ones out each side of the motor with a screwdriver then just slide the new ones in. If the motor is above the drum then it will take about 2 min, if below its a little harder so may take you a little longer.


    try to claim off the store under the SOGA as not fit for purpose.

    Get ya man or a mate to change the brushes, if that doesn't work get another machine, decent budget Whirlpool posted here a few days ago.

    It's not worth the hassle and cost getting an engineer out to do the motor etc.

    Try the filter first - at the front and at the bottom usually. Mine always stops mid cycle if I forget to clean it regularly. also shows flashing lights. Pets = pet hair in filter
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