Washing machine clamps, best pliers?

Found 10th Feb 2015
My pump has been playing up on my machine, spins but doesnt drain water so I took it off with normal pliers but spent about 3 hours trying to get them back on(2 small ones were almost instant, bigger ones were almost impossible due to slack) I bought a new pump and this time only took a hour but new pump was a cheap fake so didnt work, so now buying a genuine spare part but dont want the hassle of going through it again.

I managed to find hose clamp pliers online that seem to lock into position which seem to be perfect but want to double check how effective they really are i.e if I tighten them and lock it will it be simple.
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why not just use standard hose clips that require a simple flat screwdriver
you on about the clips with 2 little tabs that stick up? cant remember the name of them, but use mole grips on them if its these ones
if it one of these


these will do the job

I'd recommend a cheaper set of these, they'll work on a wider range of sizes than mole grips.

Yeah its mole grips, almost impossible to hold steady with normal pliers whilst either pushing hose onto pump or once its on pump to loosen the grips to fit on correct area.

I meant hose clamps, and mole grips seem good, dont want to spend too much as just want to replace pump and after that will just go in my drawer.
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Mole grips aren't the right tool for this job, water pump pliers as I linked are designed for jobs like this, hence the expanding jaws. I'm pretty sure I've seen them in poundland too so that's both of your boxes ticked.......
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