Washing Machine -Extended 'third party' warranties.

Had a bit of a search and couldnt find anything, so wondered if anyone can assist. Currently purchasing a Hoover washing machine for £300 and have been quoted three figures for two extra years warranty, which feels a tad excessive.

Obviously quality is as important as cost but i was hopeful of spending less - could anybody recommend any companies who offer such a third party warranty who fit the cheaper and decent quality standard.

Thanks in advance.


I don't recommend you take one of these guarantees at all mister.c.

I used to work in electrical retail and I was forced to sell extended warranty to meet targets. But from my experience, they are not worth the money at all.

Hope I have not annoyed you by giving my honest opinion.

Original Poster

Not got a problem in honest opinions!

The cost of the warranties offered by stores are very steep and i've tended to avoid them in the past. With that, I thought there would be a thriving market for a decent 'third party' supplier of warranties. Also every so often you hear people like 'Which' saying how much in excess we pay by sticking with the stores and not going elsewhere - I just wondered if anyone could recommend an elsewhere!

Are there any extras you can add onto your home insurance policy for things like this? May be worth giving them a call to see.

I also don't know where the "elsewheres" are. :?

Maybe get a quote from Domestic and General - who I believe underwrite a number of extended warranties - but generally speaking you'll still pay for peace of mind:


A £300 Hoover washing machine costs £109 to add two years to the one year manufacturer warranty.

However, rather than do this I would consider putting the cash towards a better appliance that comes from a retailer who offers good warranties as standard - e.g John Lewis - who offer at least 2 years.

On their website johnlewis.com/ they have a Siemens washing machine for £399 with a 5 year warranty and free delivery. Prices in store can be cheaper than their website though.

Siemens, AEG, Bosch and Miele are recommended by Which? magazine as being more reliable than Hoover.

Don't forget their price match promise as well - in store they'll match prices from a store that has the item in stock and has the price marked clearly.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

That's a really good idea about the siemens machine martin.

Definitely something more for mister.c to think about. Personally, I think Bosch are the bast make of the lot.

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Thanks a lot Martin an excellent tip - the Siemens offer does seem a good one and for anybody else who is interested, the offer is from Siemens (not John Lewis) and I hunted around and found the washing machine for £369 with the 5 year warranty. There is even some machines about £600 with 10 year warranties.

However when I checked out the dimensions then the depth of 590mm of the Siemens (compared to 540mm for the Hoover) then I realised that my space cannot accommodate the extra two inches (no size matters gags please!)

Thanks for your advice!

It really is worth paying extra for a washing machine in the first place. Bosch are my preferred brand [same as Emma] and they are very reliable! I think they all come with 2 years warranty for parts and labour wherever you buy them.

Domestic and General are pretty good for insuring appliances also. They work together with the manufacturer rather than the retailer. I think they give 10% off when you buy online. They even contact you at the time your original warranty runs out, regardless of whether you bought it at the point of sale.
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