washing machine installation

i bought a washing machine from very
my current set up uses hot and cold water into the machine so would require a valve to cut off the hot supply

the new samsung ecobubble only uses cold water in
do they have to fit it no matter what the circumstances?


Just connect the cold water, the hot water should have a valve to turn it off.

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Just connect the cold water, the hot water should have a valve to turn it … Just connect the cold water, the hot water should have a valve to turn it off.

​there is no hot valve thats the issue


​there is no hot valve thats the issue

So how do you unplug the washing machine.......

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i mean theres no valve to turn the hot water off

you will need to add a valve, if you pay for installation it won't include the new valve it might be easy to do it yourself but without seeing it we couldn't answer.


Should have one of these on each pipe (assuming you can't see one with a handle) ,hot & cold, simply use screwdriver and turn the screw head across the flow.


i mean theres no valve to turn the hot water off

many houses switch off the water at the main stop cock, they never thought about things like having to switch off in emergencies.

You should have a Red and Blue plastic tap at the end of your current washing machine water pipes. Turn them off and unscrew pipes catching the small amount of water that will come out in a bowl. Connect the new machine to the cold feed and turn on water. Just nip up not to tight. Buy a BSP BLANK NUT ¾ item no (39553)

from screwfix or wherever to blank off the hot feed outlet that's not used now. Blank off rather than hope the tap don't get knocked on by accident and hot water leak out

If no tap? Then trace pipe back to find a isolation valve. If no isolation valve then what sort of boiler do you have? If a combination boiler that heats water as you use it, then just turn off stop tap. That will cut both the hot and cold water. Do you have a combination boiler?

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picture below
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Find where the pipe comes from, see if there is a valve there ( if not you should appear on cowboy builders).
go to screwfix, get something like this [img]s7g3.scene7.com/is/…235?src=ae235/25555_P&$prodImageMedium$[/img] less than £5 each. Get one for each pipe. turn off mains, fit and away you go.

I'm guessing if no way to turn off water under sink then you have a combination boiler. Turn off at stop tap. Cut the pipe with a hacksaw. Buy from screwfix Stop End 15mm 2 Pack  item 65021. Nip up. Tip. Put a tiny bit of Vaseline on the stop end thread. Very important not to get on the stop end olive or pipe. Makes it so easy to tighten. Just nip it up. No grunting or you will over tighten and it will leak.



Its a compression fitting . Undo the whole fitting and replace it with an isolation valve (post 3) or stop fitting (post 13) . Job done (about 75p) two spanners required and will keep the outlet available for any future washing machine /dishwasher that may be dual fill.

As to you original question ,it is unlikely this will be done by your installers as T&Cs will say : " connect to existing accessible electric water and drainage points " or words to that effect . I'm sure they will have a blank or a cut off valve to fit (if they are competent ), but don't pay through the nose for them to do so as it's so cheap and simple to do .

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You'll probably never use the hot water outlet again, you'll just need a blanking cap like this: BLANKING CAP

I'd be following those pipes the other side of that hole. There's bound to be a valve somewhere.
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