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I've just bought my first house, so expect lots of requests over the next few weeks! :-D

First up, I am after a washing machine. I know the space in the house is smaller than average, however, I would like to get an idea of the best prices in general. I have done a bit of research myself, and I'm thinking that Dixons is probably the best deal with the free delivery and Egg 10% cashback discounts. Although from having a look at all their £200 - 240 washing machines it seems that they're largely out of stock on everything!

Key thing for me is the installation, as my DIY skills are lacking. £17.99 seems pretty reasonable.

Thanks for any advice.


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I would check out what the installation involves before paying for what might just be coupling up a few pipes. If you have the plumbing already there that is all it involves really, colour coded pipes for hot and cold (blue pipe goes on the blue tap and red on the tap ) then you attach the grey outlet pipe to the stand pipe. (oh and don't forget to take the retaining bolt out from the back! it secures the drum while in transit) I have moved home a couple of times and have installed the washing machine with no problems at all
this site looks like it gives good advise washerhelp.co.uk/ins…tml

hope this helps :-D
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