Washing Machine keeps tripping the electric

Found 10th Feb 2009
happens when i press power on the machine, any ideas?
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think the plug might be wet, so maybe let it dry up for a bit then try again :thumbsup:
haha Mc Storm in your avatar...whizzkids better
yes.. don't press the power button! seriously don't go messing with water and electricity escpecially at this ungodly hour of the day.
Does sound like there is damp / water on the circuit board or plug.

Test another appliance in the socket to make sure that is not where the problem is.
could be something inside the machine has come loose this is probably the case if its just started happening and was fine before
i had this before, not when i switched it on but hlaf way through a cycle, it would trip the whole house,

had someone to come and look at it and found it was the circuit board in the machine that was on its way out, was quoted £800 to be fixed.

So cliamed on house insurance instead.
its a faulty earth, means something in the machine is going to ground.could be your heater element, sometimes coins get caught up in the machines system. looks like a job for the washing machine man though!
sorted, think water got in the electrics its powered on fine this mornin :-D

Mc Storm 4 life! :thumbsup:
If it goes again, it may be the plug socket. My gf had exactly the same problem - the wiring in her house was a bit old.
We worked around it by plugging into a different socket with an extension lead until I replaced it (the plug socket)
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