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Found 15th Mar 2008
my washing machine policy is up next month after 4 years - its a good machine i have so i would be keen to keep it withina maintenance policy - can anyone recommend a suitable policy - perhaps one that last beyond one year ?


I am astonished that people have extended maintenance policies. Add up all your policies to see what the annual total amount comes to. If it is like £500 -£1000 premiums in total per year : TV, cooker, fridges, freezers, boiler, camera.. etc. ask yourself if it is more cost effective to save the premiums and buy new when there is a failure or repair when it happens.

Hi, you may find the following sites useful. I have only used domestic and general before and have no problem, but the others may be more suitable/or cheaper.
Things to consider
-Cost of replacing item compared to policy+excess if applicable (dom&general doesn't, but others may have). I have only taken policies out when items cost £550+.
-How are repairs/.replacements arranged/how quick.
-What is/not covered, types of damage etc/or method of damage i.e. accident.
-Can your home insurance policy cover it
-remember under cosumer legislation products should be fit for purpose and be of suitable quality, so for example you should expect a fridge to last beyond a 1 year warranty, so you could contact the manufacturer to see if they are willing to repair/or meet some of the costs.
I hope the above helps.

Splender is right.
Why pay when usually after the first year, something will be reliable?
£300 washing machine over 10 years would be £30 a year.
If you insist on a plan, buy via an insurance company covering a range of products.
Extended warranties like payment protection insurance are the biggest consumer rip offs going. Throwing free money at companies spring to mind.

Is this not Jean Alain Boumsong who is the biggest waste of money going?

kitchen care 9.99 per month for 3 applicances via hotpoint (domestic and general)

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