Washing Machine - Nike Trainers?

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Found 11th Nov 2009
Fell in the canal this week when in a canoo lol didnt take of my shoes and was well peeved when I came out head to toe socked and now i've caught something flu or whatnot lol, anyways i've never washed trainers lol is it fine for me to bung em in the washing machine and on what cycle? heat? They're quite expensive and I dont wanna ruin them....


i do most of mine on the 30 or 40 (with the line underneath them) and they come out like new! funnily enough done my sons earlier after he had been to football!!!! probably better off doing it first with 30 or under with a couple of towels in there or put them in a pillowcase - hope this helps!!!

I usually just put them on a quick wash, come out looking great

I have washed Adidas leather trainers before, I put them in an old pillowcase so they didn't bash about too much. You have to stuff them with tissue to air dry. Mine were fine but depends on the style - so dont take my word for it lol! I put mine in the delicate wash.
If you're worried about ruining then then just hand wash them a bit.

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cheers for responses lol will put a towel in there and wrap in a pillow case :thumbsup:

Yeah put them in a pillow case as mentioned above and don't wash over 40 deg.

Make sure you spin them dry too - otherwide they take days to dry.
Put them upside down on the raidiator.


Make sure you spin them dry too - otherwide they take days to dry.Put … Make sure you spin them dry too - otherwide they take days to dry.Put them upside down on the raidiator.

If they are all leather dont put them on the radiator as the leather may crack if they dry out too quickly.
Stuff with carrier bags to retain the shape and put under the radiator.

As above, but I stuff mine with newspaper as it helps them dry out quicker
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