Washing Machine Problems Help Please!


    Problem: When my machine hits Rinse and Spin... Water/Suds comes out the draw where you put the washing powder/conditioner.

    I have posted on a electrical help web-site before.. but i cannot remember the name of site. Is there anyone who may know the name of the web-site in question?


    Ps. The outlet pipe is clear!


    Too much soap?
    Not a low suds automatic soap?
    Something with detergent in it is in the wash?

    It sounds like your pump is not working , i would check your filter as it looks like the water is not draining out of the machine .

    Quite possibly the pump or filter. Had the same problem once and it turned out that the draining pipe was blocked. Good luck.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for your time and help!


    this is the site.


    It sounds like your pump is not working

    The strange thing about this is. It only happens now and then and not all the time. There have been occasions when there has been water underneath machine but not much. But even this don't happen all the time. Could be it don't like the choice of washing powder!::lol:

    I will have to look at the pump.

    Just thinking ... clean all the pipe work rubber hoses etc around the pump ,there allso is a small pipe which goes to a pressure switch make sure this is clear as this tells the machine when to stop filling hope you get it fixed :thumbsup:
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