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Posted 14th Oct
A couple of years ago LG FH4U2VCN2 machines were quite highly rated due to long warranty and the Direct Drive technology.

Is there a model which is of similar spec for £350-400 anyone can recommend please?

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Not sure about LG but Samsung Ecobubble you can get for around that price with a 5 year parts and labour warranty.
Bosch, no need for warranty they just work
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Have a good search online to see if you can find a Miele on offer to get it within your budget. You might not find anything right now but always worth keeping an eye out for any special offers or end-of-line clearances that occasionally pop up.
Daewoo. I don’t don’t know about their prices now, but you would get good bang for your buck compared to other brands.
I have never had a problem with mine. And the dryer still works.

Bosch is a good shout.

I use to work for Beko customer service.
Beko, Grundig, Bloomberg, Leisure are all the same brand, just a different label
LG are excellent, on our second one after the first died after about 10 years, in between we had 6 months with a faulty Samsung, replaced by their CEO customer service team because if a design fault. It’s replacement failed after two washes, needless to say we went back to LG.

just avoid anything from the whirlpool stable including hotpoint and indesit and anything which gives you a long free parts warranty with a expensive labour warranty
We've a samsung ecobubble and it's been brilliant. Had it a good few years and no problems at all with it.

So much better than our old hotpoint that nearly spun itself out of our kitchen
I can recommend Beko. We use ours daily, it’s A rated and cost £240. We’ve had it for over 6 years and it still performs great. I only had to change the motor brushes when it stopped spinning, the part was £7 and easy to fit.
Avoid Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda.
Miele are good but they cost the price of 4 cheap washing machines.
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